The Origin of Stirrific

While working hard on projects, our diverse team of designers, project managers, entrepreneurs and engineers would often take coffee breaks. These breaks would allow the team to bond, recharge and focus on the challenges ahead. So naturally, when brainstorming the next app or website idea, we eventually decided to build something we would enjoy using  ourselves.

Stirrific is an app that allows coffee enthusiasts to connect with other coffee lovers in your area or around the world. Our goal is to create a online community where you can discover new information about coffee, trade tips about brewing coffee and find the best cafe’s to visit in your local area. The site was created for the coffee laymen and those who enjoy connecting with other people while sipping on a cup of coffee.

We also strive to offer quality interviews,  reviews and information about coffee, local cafe’s and paraphernalia to help make you a great personal barista.