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Chado Tea Room is one very nice place to sip tea and enjoy a wonderful afternoon. If you feel like going a little English, then we highly suggest you come here, especially in the afternoon, to have tea and munch on tasty pastries and sandwiches.

1. Hello Kitty

Do you love Hello Kitty? Then you’re surely going to love this Hello Kitty-shaped cookie.

chado hello kitty

2. Wide selection of tea leaves

You won’t run out of choices here at Chado. They have walls filled with tea leaves canisters.

chado interior

3. Salad

Are you health conscious? If you don’t want to get the calories that come with cookies and other pastries, then opt for any of their salads.

chado salad

4. Sandwiches

Chado is a great place for afternoon celebrations. You can order tea and it will come with a three-tiered treat. It has delicious sandwiches and other awesome treats.

chado sandwich

5. Tea float

For dessert, you must try Chado’s tea float. It’s an interesting mix of the traditional tea, ice cream, and strawberry pieces.

chado tea float




  • 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Ste A2-209, Hollywood, CA 90028




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