Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Little Osaska (Sawtelle Ave), Balconi Coffee Company is a gem of a coffee shop. The owner and baristas care about the full experience of coffee from the smelling of the beans to the rotating artwork they have displayed in their cafe. Here’s a few things to look for when visiting the Balconi Coffee Company:

They Use the Siphon Method to make Ice Dripped Coffee

The Iced Almond Essence Latte

A shot of espresso, organic milk steamed with pulverized almonds. Their specialty and one of the popular staples at this cafe.

Green Tea Latte

If you don’t like your coffee black, their green tea latte is definitely a delicious option.

Top Notch Beans Prepare Carefully

They use beans from popular brands like Handsome Coffee, Verve and Four Barrel and use the siphon method to make their coffee

Rotating Art Work

Their art gallery display is definitely a bonus when visiting


  • 11301 W Olympic Blvd, #124 (Sawtelle), Los Angeles, CA 90064


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