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If you’re having a bad day and want to make yourself happy or there’s something you want to celebrate, Bricks and Scones is the perfect go-to place because it offers delicious homemade pastries that are sure to lift your spirits up. It also serves great coffee to perk you up and provides a really nice ambiance in case you want to get lost in a book or do some work on your laptop. And have you seen the place? It’s like you’re in a movie set. The chandelier in the center of the room is nice to look at.

1. Awesome coffee for you

Nothing’s better than starting your day with great coffee. Fortunately for those in the area, Bricks and Scones serve really good coffee.

bricks and scones latte

2. Champagne rose tea

Coffee lovers aren’t the only ones who will enjoy this place. Those who enjoy tea a lot will be delighted to know that they also serve relaxing tea.

bricks and scones tea

3. Blueberry scones with lemond curd

This is a classic pastry that’s absolutely delicious. It’ll somehow remind you of biscuits but has a sweet, velvety crumb. And it has delicious fruit in it.

bricks and scones coffee and pastry

4. Great place to work or study

The coffee shop spans more than one floor and there is enough space for tables and seats where you can work on your laptop or brush up on your lessons.

bricks and scones people working

5. Excellent customer service

Any coffee shop that provides excellent customer service deserves to receive raving reviews because not all establishments have glaring reviews when it comes to how their staff treats customers. The people who work here are amazing.

bricks and scones staff

  • 403 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004



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