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In case you haven’t seen it yet, you have to drive down to Wilshire Center and experience how it’s like to drink and eat at a ship. Cafe Jack is one really cool cafe. Just take a look at its design and you’ll be immediately hooked.

1. Awesome design

The first thing that will jump at you is how this cafe is built. It’s a freaking ship at Koreatown. How cool is that? Even if you’re not planning to stop by, the second you pass by this, you’ll surely want to want to see what’s inside.

cafe jack ship

2. Titanic fans will love this

The main theme of this cafe is Titanic. Fans of the movie or even those who love movie themes will surely enjoy it here. You’ll see a lot of memorabilia. Add to that the cool fixtures, like the fountain, inside the “ship.”

cafe jack titanic picture


cafe jack fountain

3. Spicy tuna roll

You can choose from the different items in their menu and one of them is the spicy tuna roll. If you’re in the mood for some Asian treats, try this one.

cafe jack spicy tuna roll

4. Shakes

Cafe Jack makes refreshing shakes, like the Oreo Shake with Boba. This wonderful glass will keep you refreshed and cool during those hot afternoons.

cafe jack orea shake with boba

5. Lattes

Of course, you’ll want to try some of their lattes. This cup of latte comes with whipped cream on top, to make sure you enjoy your drink.

cafe jack coffee with whipped cream

6. Shaved ice

Korean-inspired cafes wouldn’t be complete without pat bing soo. These cool treats are awesome because they come in generous servings.

Cafe jack green tea patbingsoo



  • 508 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020



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