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Looking for a place that serves awesome breakfast meals–the kind that’s not limited to pancakes and greasy sandwiches? Then you’re in the right place. Casbah Cafe is home to the best-tasting coffee and sumptuous breakfast dishes. A few examples would be poached eggs and veggie pitas. You can also have fresh pressed orange juice and fruit salads here. And, oh, they also have gluten-free brownies.

1. Get the complete tea experience

You’re going to love drinking tea here simply because the pot is very cute and classy. If this is how tea is going to be served, I’ll definitely enjoy every second.

casbah tea

2. Veggie treats

It’s not uncommon for restaurants and even coffee shops to serve vegetarian meals since many are starting to switch to this lifestyle. It’s great that Casbah makes sure that their veggie treats look enticing and taste delicious.

casbah veggie pita

3. Delicious salads

Watching your weight but don’t want to eat something that tastes bland? Your best bet are the delicious salads served in this cute coffee shop.

casbah tuna salad

4. Gluten-free desserts

Would you pass up the chance to taste this delicious-looking chocolate cake? What if I tell you that it is gluten-free?

casbah gluten free chocolate

5. Refreshing coffee drinks

Aside from the usual coffee, Casbah also served a very delicious and refreshing iced mint tea. It’s something you must try.

casbah iced mint tea



  • 3900 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029


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