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Coco Fresh Tea & Juice is one cool stop in this part of Los Angeles because it’s home to the most refreshing teas and juices. If you want to take a break from all the coffee you’ve been drinking, then this is surely a great alternative.  The menu here is very diverse; they serve a lot of great stuff from slushies to milk tea to lattes.

1. Very cool baristas

The staff here is very cool. They are friendly and will make sure that your visit here is something you’d want to do again.

Coco sanitary and cool baristas

2. Great menu

You have a lot of choices when you come here. Among the things you can order are chocolate, lattes, fresh juice,  tea, yogurt, slush, milk tea, and even fresh milk.

coco menu3. 3 buddies

This is a delicious drink that’s made with milk tea with boba, egg pudding and grass jelly–something you should definitely try.

coco 3 buddies milk tea

4. Very clean store

One of the things you will appreciate about Coco Fresh Tea & Juice is the fact that it has a very clean store.

coco clean and cute interior

4. Grapefruit milk tea

Looking for something delicious and citrus-y? This grapefruit milk tea is what you need.

coco grapefruit green tea


5. They use real grapefruits!

And you know what? They use real grapefruits in making their milk teas!

coco real grapefruits



  • 11301 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064




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