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The Coffee Company is one really nice coffee shop because it has an authentic diner-style restaurant appeal. This is something not everyone see nowadays. This place actually reminds people of what it’s like to have fun in a diner. For the most parts, people do go to places that remind them of the good old days. It’s also nice that this cafe serves awesome coffee, tea, and food.

1. French toast

The french toast here is special. Not only does this taste good, it also looks very good to eat. The sprinkled powdered sugar on top makes the plate look really enticing. Plus, it comes with a side of fruits.

the coffee co omelette

2. Waffles

The Coffee Company makes sure that breakfast is great for morning people. That’s why they pull out all the stops when it comes to their breakfast plates. Take this waffle for example. It comes in huge servings and come with very tasty side dishes.

the coffee co waffles

3. Double cappuccino

Don’t think that your normal order of cappuccino is strong enough to keep you alert and awake? Why not order something stronger, like this double cappuccino?

the coffee co double cappucino

4. Healthy options

Like to eat something that’s healthier? You can choose their salad. This cafe makes sure that everyone finds something they can enjoy without feeling guilty.

the coffee co salad

5. Cool outside patio

Don’t want to eat inside the cafe? Take your cup and plate outside, where it’s sunny, breezy, and very beautiful. Take a look at how cute those flower boxes are. This, certainly, is a spot that you will completely enjoy.

the coffee co outside patio



  • 8751 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045


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