Hey Thats Amore

This cute sandwich and coffee shop is a fun place to be in. It has a very mellow and relaxing atmosphere. The service is fantastic. Even when the crowd gets to large, you can still count on getting good service from the friendly staff. Plus, they have really cool names for their sandwiches. This is what most customers enjoy. The menu items are framed and hung on walls and the interior looks really good.

1. Pizza

It’s always fun and exciting to see someone serve a plate of pizza right in front of you. Here at Hey That’s Amore, you will enjoy their beautiful serving of pizza, like this BBQ Chicken pizza.

hey bbq chicken pizza

2. Salad bar

This sandwich and coffee place has a salad bar that’s always kept fresh. If you’re into healthy stuff, then you’ll like it here. You can hang out with friends who enjoy high-calorie sandwiches and coffee without feeling guilty since you can have something that’s healthy and nutritious.

hey bean salad


3.  Coffee and pastries

Want a cup of coffee to perk you up? This is a good place to get one.

hey coffe

4. Delicious and witty names for sandwiches

Here at Hey That’s Amore, you’ll enjoy eating their sandwiches not just because they taste really good but also because they have really cool names. This one is called The Shavo. Then there’s The Soprano. You can also order the Fat Anthony. Who comes up with these names?

hey the shavo


5. Framed menu items

You won’t have a hard time picking an order here because the menu items are framed and hung on the walls. It’s interesting that the owners came up with this strategy, which is really practical. It makes it easier for customers to know what they want. Plus, they serve as cool wall decors.

Hey menu items


  • 27 E Holly St, Pasadena, CA 91103


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