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Stir Crazy Coffee House is the best place for those who are not easily satisfied by just one cup of coffee. Here, you can enjoy bottomless coffee for less than $2. You can have all the caffeine you want in this cafe. But more than that, you’ll love the service, food selection, and the overall atmosphere that’s very ideal for getting work done. This coffee shop is truly a gem.

1. Free wi-fi

Not all coffee shops in LA offer free Internet. That’s why Stir Crazy is one of the best cafes to visit because it offers free access to customers. Take a photo of your coffee and immediately post it on Instagram or Facebook.

stir crazy using mobile phone

2. Bottomless coffee for $1.85

Are you a sucker for coffee? Here, you can drink all the coffee you want for less than $2.

stir crazy bottomless coffee

3. Greek salad

This bowl of greens, tomatoes, cheese, and olives is a beauty. Order this if you are watching your weight or you simply just can’t resist salads.

stir crazy greek salad

4. Excellent service

One of the things customers look for in a cafe is the quality of service. We’re all lucky because the staff here delivers excellent service. In fact, even the owners go around the shop to refill cups of coffee.

stir crazy bagel

5. Delicious coffee choices

Do we need to be told that the coffee here is awesome? We suggest you get the mocha latte and iced caramel vanilla coffee.

stir crazy coffee

6. Breakfast sandwiches

Heading to work and forgot to prepare something for breakfast? No need to worry because you can just grab a bite here.

stir crazy sandwich and coffee

7. Conducive for working

The ambiance of the cafe, plus the wifi access, and enough outlets makes Stir Crazy a conducive place for working. Bring your laptops, order a bottomless cup of coffee and you’re all set.

stir crazy window seat


  • 6917 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038


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