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Yes, Cuscatleca may feel more like a bread shop than a coffee shop but this doesn’t mean it’s not a great place to order and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or a refreshing iced drink. The fact that there’s whole lot of baked treats here makes it a great place to have your caffeine fix.

1. Tres leches cake

Customers love the fact that Cuscatleca has so many choices for cakes and pastries. One of the things that people love is the tres leches cake. This sponge cake that’s soaked in three different kinds of milk is enough to send you to cake nirvana.

cuscatleca tres leches

2. Breakfast wrap to get your day started

There are several options for brunch and lunch here. The breakfast wrap is packed with bacon and all the right ingredients to give you the energy to start the day. You can also opt for the chorizo breakfast burrito or the simple, yet very tasty, french toast.

cuscatleca breakfast wrap

3. Authentic Salvadoran goodies

Missing home? Cuscatleca can satisfy your cravings for Salvadoran food. Try the quesadilla. There’s also the tamales.

cuscatleca quesadilla salvadorenya

4. Several options for the health conscious individuals

Don’t want to pack on additional calories from all the sugar? There’s the chicken salad or chicken salad sandwich. Don’t worry, there are healthy options here.

cuscatleca chicken salad

5. Very friendly staff

Customers have another reason to keep coming back here: the uber-friendly staff. Cuscatleca offers really great customer service. They are also willing to go the extra mile to meet customers’ demands.

cuscatleca smiling staff

6. They have a really big heart

Did you know that the staff lets little kids get the bread or cakes they want even when they don’t have enough money? That’s something you rarely see these days.

cuscatleca pastries on the chiller


  • 2501 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026



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