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On this side of LA, there’s one cafe that serves simple yet unforgettable dishes that are perfect for breakfast and brunch. These meals are made so well customers can’t help but come back for more. Sqirl Kitchen is the best place to dive into really delicious meals that are made more special because they are home-made and creative. Take a look at some of the things you’ll love about this place.

1. Mouth-watering Hamembert plate

This Hamembert will definitely start your day right. It’s oozing with Camembert cheese, has a savory Mangalitsa ham, and beautifully charred baguette. Pair it with a cup of latte or iced coffee.

sqirl hamembert

2. Rice dishes

For some people, breakfast means eating rice. It’s not a problem in this cafe because they have a several options for rice dishes, like the brown rice with sorrel pesto and kokuho brown rice.

sqirl rice dish

3. Home-made jams

When it comes to jams, nothing beats those that are made at home. Here at Sqirl, the jams are delightfully good that they go well with the brioche and french toast. A few choices are apricot jam, blueberry jam, and peach jam.

sqirl brioche with homemade jam

4. Baked goodies for sale

And if you’re in the mood for some baked treats or want to bring home a taste of heaven, choose from the many items (in beautiful containers) that you can take home.

sqirl jams and baked goodies

5. House-made Almond latte

This delicious concoction is made using nuts from Fat Uncle Farms in Santa Barbara. That explains the great taste.

sqirl almond latte

6. Awesome cafe interior

Wouldn’t it be nice to eat in a place that have a very nice ambiance? A cafe that has a really good design will surely make your breakfast a lot more enjoyable.

sqirl interior



  • 720 N Virgil Ave, Ste 4, Los Angeles, CA 90029


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