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Tucked away in a quiet nook in Motor Avenue is one really cute and homey mom and pop shop that offers great-tasting coffee and amazing breakfast sandwiches and other goodies. C&M Cafe is one of the cutest places you can dine in. The name itself (chicken and monkey) is a clear indicator that you’re going to have fun, and therefore, love this place. Here, expect to enjoy delicious, fresh, and flavorful food.

1. BAM!

The BAM! sandwich is something you will enjoy in the morning (or any time of the day). This uses a cinnamon roll french toast and has bacon. It doesn’t just look good, it also tastes heavenly.
c&m cinnamon roll

2. Cute interior

The cute interior is surely going to put you in the right mood. Here, you will feel relaxed. The homey vibe of C&M isn’t something you can easily find in most coffee shops and restaurants. They even have a kid’s corner here, which is perfect for those who have toddlers.

c&m cute interior

3. Different varieties of coffee

C&M has a wide selection of coffee drinks, which delights many coffee lovers. Plus, you can get free coffee refills!

c&m iced coffee latte

4. Knock out punch

Here at C&M, expect to find several home-brewed items, like this one. This knock out punch is a home-made ginger lemonade. This sure is going to be tasty.

c&m knockout punch

5. Salads

Health-conscious individuals can order their salads. What’s great about these is they come in generous servings.

c&m salad

6. Sandwiches are real winners

The main star in this cafe are the sandwiches. You can find so many sandwich choices that are made from fresh ingredients, come in huge servings, and taste so good. Plus, these come with a side order of your choice.

c&m sandwich 1



  • 3272 Motor Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034


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