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Zephyr Coffee House is the perfect place to chill and relax with friends. It’s also a great spot to have brunch and enjoy a cup of coffee to destress. It’s actually an old converted house, so you’ll really feel at home here.

1. Hookah

If you’re looking for something more than coffee, the hookah is something that’ll give you and your friends something to be happy about.

zephyr hooka

2. Comfy couches

This place has very comfortable couches that add to the homey feel. This was actually a converted old house. This is why it has that very warm, cozy atmosphere–perfect for enjoying coffee.

zephyr couches

3. Cool outdoor patio

You can head outside to work on your laptop or chat with friends. The outdoor patio has plants that add to the overall relaxing ambiance.

zephyr outdoor patio

4. Crepes

Zephyr serves delicious crepes. A good example is the banana Nutella crepe. Perfect with a cup of coffee.

zephyr banana and nutella crepe

5. Tasty sandwiches

If you’re hungry, then order any of their sandwiches. These come in generous servings.

zephyr tomato mozarella panini

6. Refreshing drinks

The peach black tea and iced mocha are just two of the different refreshing cold drinks you can order here.

zephyr iced mocha


  • 2419 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107


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