Cafe Americano collage

If you want some quiet time and get some reading and studying done, Café Americano is the place for you. It has been students’ choice of study spot because of its really nice ambiance. Catching up on your lessons certainly becomes more enjoyable with a cup of delicious coffee and the other treats you can find here.

1. Good customer service

The young and helpful baristas and servers here will surely make you want to visit this place again. They’re going to give you an awesome experience.

Cafe Americano baristas

2. Quiet place

The quiet and cozy ambiance is enough to get you drawn to this place. Very convenient too if you want to get some studying done.

Cafe Americano quiet interior

3. Coffee

There’s no question about it. Their coffee is a must-try. They serve latte, cappuccinos and even lemonade, if you want something different.

Cafe Americano coffee


 4. Free Wi-Fi

What’s a good café if it doesn’t have a free Wi-Fi? This is surely a plus point for students and business people who need to stay connected to accomplish their tasks.

Cafe Americano laptop

5. Valet Parking

This is very convenient especially if you want your coffee fix ASAP and don’t have time to look for a spot to park your car.

Cafe Americano valet



  • 4003 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010


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