Espresso Profeta is located in the Westwood area, close to UCLA. Luckily students have this nice cafe as an option to get some real espresso drinks and delicious pastries instead of the other chain coffee shops in the area. Here’s some of the highlights of this cafe and what people love about it:

The Flat White

The flat white is a latte with an extra double shot of espresso, essentially making it a quad shot. Definitely a good one to get when you need an extra boost of caffeine energy to get you through the day.

The Cafe Nico

More of an after dinner delight. This sweet specialty drink with an orange twist will make you smile.

White Velvet Latte

This creamy delight sounds sweet but it’s actually just right. It’s one of the more popular drinks at Espresso Preofeta for a reason.

Nice Patio Area

They have a nice patio area to hang out and relax. The ambiance and decorations make this place a great date or study break spot.

Doppio Ristretto

A double shot of espresso made ristretto style. drink it fast while it’s fresh and you definitely can notice a bolder and fuller flavor from this style of pulling espresso.


  • 1129 Glendon Ave (at Lindbrook Dr), Los Angeles, CA 90024


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