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Groundwork Coffee is one of the nicest places to drink coffee, eat great food, and catch up with friends. This is one of those coffee shops where you will feel completely relaxed. The interior is very nice. The decor is pleasant to the eyes and there’s enough space to accommodate a lot of people. But the best part is you can enjoy delicious organic coffee.

1. Choose from the different coffee beans

Groundwork has many coffee varieties that you can choose from. This is perfect for those who have varied tastes in coffee. One day you can go with the Brazil variety and the next Black Gold.

groundwork coffee choices

2. Ideal place to get work done

Because the place is very relaxing and there are enough seats and tables, you can bring your laptop here and get some work done. You surely can’t go wrong when you have a cup of good coffee by your side.

groundwork laptop and coffee

3. Breakfast burrito

Need to start your day right? Their breakfast burrito is something you must try. It’s light yet satisfying.

groundwork breakfast burrito

4. Boxed water

I don’t know about you, but isn’t a boxed water cool? It’s unique and eco-friendly.

groundwork boxed water

5. Really cool interior

The wall art in this cafe is very, very interesting. The pieces are cool and very chic. It’s like it’s inspired by Andy Warhol or something.

groundwork cool decor

groundwork wall art



  • 1501 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028


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