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If you’re constantly experiencing difficulties finding a place where you and your friends can hang out at night, then this is going to make you happy. Spot Coffee stays open until really late at night, which means you can still grab coffee after a night of hard partying.

1. Hot cappuccino

If you’ve had more alcohol than usual, wash the dizzy feeling away by sipping a delicious cup of hot cappuccino.

spot cappuccino

2. Fruit shaved ice

Or if you want something sweet and fruity to clean your palate, then order this strawberry-flavored shaved ice. Kids will love this too.

spot fruit shaved ice

3. Green tea latte

Coffee lovers like green tea lattes. Green tea is popular in a lot of Korean coffee shops. You can find them in ice cream and other dishes. But it’s just as tasty in its simplest form.

spot green latte

4. Red velvet cake

When you have a cup of latte–or the usual brew–it’s best to have something sweet to munch on, like this moist and delectable red velvet cake.

spot red velvet

5. Waffles

Spot’s plate of waffles is something to be in awe of. It looks really nice, comes in huge servings, and taste really delicious.

spot waffle with green tea ice cream



  • 3324 W 6th St., Los Angeles, CA, 90020



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