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Lady Chocolatt is a great place you want to be if you’re looking to have a sweet time, literally. This shop serves authentic Belgian chocolates that look and taste absolutely great. Not only that, you will also enjoy delicious sandwiches and coffee. You’re surely going to love it here. Here are the things you should try when you find yourself here.

1. Authentic European chocolates

The chocolates here are so delicious you will feel like you’ve been taken to heaven and back. The chocolates are rich, decadent, and absolutely mouthwatering.

Lady Chocolatt chocolates

2. Croissants

Came here and still haven’t had any breakfast? Lady Chocolatt serves croissants that are very, very tasty and go perfectly well with hot chocolate.

Lady Chocolatt croissant with hot chocolate

3. Latte

Just take a look at this cup of latte. This is surely something you will want to order if you find yourself in this part of LA.

Lady Chocolatt latte with whipped cream

4. Very friendly owners

These guys are so friendly customers love them so much. They take care of their customers so well–they even offer free samples.

Lady Chocolatt Roberto and Linda

5. Sandwiches for the hungry

If you’re hungry and want something satisfying, then this caprese sandwich is what you need.

Lady Chocolatt sandwich

6. Waffles

For breakfast, opt for this delicious and generous serving of waffle that’s oozing with rich chocolate syrup.

Lady Chocolatt waffles

7. Wasabi truffles

This is one interesting treat in Lady Chocolatt. Did you ever think that a sweet chocolate truffle can taste well with wasabi? Awesome.

Lady Chocolatt wasabi truffles



  • 12008 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90025



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