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If you’re a serious coffee lover, then Javista Coffee Bar is perfect for you. This cafe has a very good location and, more importantly, serves delicious coffee along with seriously good food. You can’t go wrong in this coffee shop.

1. Flourless pecan cookie

It may not be the first time you’ve heard of this kind of cookie but this is something you should try.

javista flourless pecan cookie

2. Nutella Mocha

I can’t think of anyone who isn’t in love with Nutella. And now that you can actually drink it, it’s pretty amazing. The Nutella Mocha here is delightful.

javista nutella mocha latte

3. Outside seating area

It’s cool to drink coffee and chat with friends when it’s breezy and the sun has just the right temperature. Their outside seating area is great. It’s perfect for meeting friends or even meeting someone for work.

javista outside seating area

4. Salads and other healthy options

Watching your weight? If you want food but don’t want the extra calories that come with most pastries, then opt for the Prosciutto salad with avocado or the avocado split.

javista salad

5. Serves organic coffee

Organic coffee is better because it’s fre from chemicals and artificial substances. Drinking organic coffee means you get to enjoy the real deal. You get to taste the real essence of coffee beans and, most importantly, don’t need to worry about the effects of artificial stuff in your body.

javista great place to write


  • 6707 W Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028


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