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You don’t need to miss the most important meal of the day even with a hectic schedule because JiST in downtown LA has it covered.

This highly addictive breakfast spot in the Little Tokyo area serves some of the best breakfast grubs in the city. They’re delicious and served in huge portions. Plus, the place is really cute and has a spacious outdoor seating to give you a really good dining experience.

1. Hugely popular chashu hash skillet

This is a favorite among patrons. JiST is known for its delicious pork belly chashu topped with two 6-minute soft eggs and served with breakfast potatoes. The sauce is thick and heavenly. It’s so flavorful you’ll want to add rice to your order.

jist chashu

2. Chocolate chip and banana pancakes that are to die for

Pancakes are a staple in Americans’ breakfasts. But if you’re tried of the same old pancake recipe, try JiST’s chocolate chip and banana pancake. This will change your mind about skipping breakfast.

jist choco chip pancake

3. Meals are served in huge portions

Nothing is more satisfying than being served with food that’s big enough you can share it with someone else. The meals here are surely going to satisfy your hunger.

jist hangover killer omelette

4. Has a spacious outdoor seating

There’s something about enjoying great food outside. Maybe because you have a better view or the breeze and the sunshine adds to the experience. JiST has a very spacious outdoor patio for customers, which is also convenient for those who have dogs.

jist outdoor seating

5. They serve Stumptown coffee

It’s not easy to find cafes that serve Stumptown. Luckily, JiST serves this really good coffee. You can even have it iced.

jist stumptown coffee



  • 116 Judge John Aiso St, Los Angeles, CA 90012


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