Klatch Coffee: Panama Elida




Today I tried Klatch Coffee’s Panama Elida beans using the AeroPress. The weather, albeit not as bad as summer in other places, being in the midst of the summer season in LA still makes it hot. So I started by dropping 4-5 ice cubes in the cup before I began grinding the coffee beans. I rinsed the ice cubes a bit before just in case. The combination of the ice cubes and the water would create almost a full cup of iced coffee. I set the grinder for 3 shots (I like myself a strong cup of joe).

Being new at really trying to understand the nuanced flavors of coffee, I reviewed the label on the bag before taking a strong sniffy sniff at thew newly fresh grounded coffee beans. It mentions “an explosion of berries and chocolate aroma”. As I smell the grounds I do notice strong fruit notes and something reminiscent of chocolate. But from my memory, I notice this is other specialty coffee grounds as well. What kind of berries am I experiencing the smell of? I can’t say based solely on the smell.


The flavor definitions are more defined on the packaging as they mention blueberry, strawberry, boysenberry and guava. I figure one thing I lack is a memory of distinct fruit flavors in general as I can’t for the life of me remember the last time I noticed the scent or taste of boysenberries.

Blueberries and Strawberries are easy as I grew up eating more food products that contain those popular flavors as well as the fruits themselves. I notice these flavors not when I’m swishing around the liquid in my mouth, but more so after I swallow the coffee and breath in and exhale the after aroma and taste. I think I taste guava, but could this be the fact that I read “guava” on the package before taking in the taste, causing a placebo effect.


After drinking Klatch Coffee’s Panama Elida, I feel refreshed and caffeinated. I also feel that I consumed something of quality. The taste was a combination of acidic and sweet (without sugar). It was a strong cup but not too strong. Is that what they meant by balanced? I’ll need to try a strong unbalanced cup of coffee to compare to. The aftertaste of this coffee is nice. Instead of breathing out nasty coffee breath, you notice your breath smells more like fruits (others may disagree).

Adding the lot, the farm and family who grew the coffee beans was a cool addition to their packaging and shows that they care about where coffee actually comes from. In comparison, earlier on in the day I took a whiff of my former coffee life’s instant Folger’s coffee and it smelled quite bad. I still can ingest it if I need a quick caffeine injection into my blood stream, but given the choice I rather not.

Overall a great coffee bean and roast. Can’t wait to try the next one.


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