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Going to Koffea in Wilshire Center is like going to a friend’s house to eat, drink, study, or simply hang out. That’s because this cafe is so cozy you’ll feel at home each time. It has lots of really delicious items on their menu–from shaved ice to grilled sandwiches to smoothies and delicious coffee.

1. Shaved ice

If you still don’t know it yet, the cafes in Koreatown serve the best shaved ice. Koffea is no exception. Just take a look at this fruit shaved ice that’s oozing with goodness–fruits, ice cream, and whipped cream. You should also try their coffee bing soo.

koffea fruit shaved ice

2. Free coffee refills

The coffee here is great. The lattes taste so good. The espresso strong. But you know what’s even better? They offer free refills!

koffea latte

3. Korean sandwiches

These Korean-style sandwiches are perfect for those days when you want to pig out. Get these for brunch and pair them up with smoothies or iced cafe mocha.

koffea korean style sandwich

4.  Fried kimchi rice

Want something that’s authentically Korean? Try their kimchi fried rice.

koffea kimchi fried rice

5. Cool outside seating area

See how breezy this area looks like? This is the best spot to sip coffee and chat with friends.

koffea outside seating area

6. Awesome interior

We’re not kidding when we said that the cafe has an awesome interior. This is why it feels like being in a friend’s house. It’s so warm and cozy. You can study here and not worry about noise or having too many people to disturb you. There are private rooms at the 3rd floor where you can take your books.

koffea interior

koffea interior 2

  • 610 S Berendo St, Los Angeles, CA, 90010 (Koreatown)



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