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Aside from having excellent coffee, The Larder at Burton Way serves a great selection of sandwiches. These delectable treats come in huge servings and are artfully made. They have fresh and quality ingredients that will make customers happy. They also serve freshly baked pastries and have really quick service–something not many coffee shops can say they have.

1. Coffee

Yes, coffee comes in the list first because their coffee choices are wonderful. Tasty, delicious, and aromatic. These cups of Joe will definitely perk you up.

larder coffee

2. Eggs benedict

Eggs benedict are great breakfast items. If you happen to be in the area and you’re in need of some morning fuel, then this is what you should order.

larder eggs benedict

3. Gluten-free chocolate walnut cookie

This chocolate walnut cookie becomes even more special and enticing because it doesn’t contain gluten. Health conscious individuals and those sensitive to gluten will fully enjoy this treat.

larder gluten free choco walnut cookie

4. Lemon bar

This is another dessert item you should try. This sweet, citric bar go perfectly well with coffee or tea.

larder lemon bar

5. Sandwiches to die for

Like sandwiches? Then this is the place you need to go. They have really good choices for sandwiches that come in huge servings. Don’t forget they taste really good too.

larder sandwich and drinks6. Tacos

Feeling a little Mexican-ish? Order  a place of tacos to make conversations with friends a lot livelier. Their dips are really awesome.

larder tacos



  • 8500 Burton Way, Los Angeles, CA 90048


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