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This is a great place to have breakfast in this side of LA. They have really awesome breakfast meals and quality coffee that are sure to help you start the day right. Enjoy a good cup of coffee and hearty plates of treats that range from waffles to rich, delicious toasts.

1. Fresh bread

Who wouldn’t like to walk in to a place that offers fresh and delicious-looking baked goodies like this? I can only imagine the aroma inside the cafe because of all these treats.

le pain baked goodies


2. Belgian waffle

Breakfast usually isn’t complete without waffles. Here, you can enjoy really delicious Belgian waffles that come with generous servings of fruits and other important ingredients.

le pain waffle

3. Delicious coffee

Great coffee deserves to be shared with others.

le pain coffee

4. Grilled chicken mozarella tartine

When you want something heavy for breakfast or brunch, try the grilled chicken mozarella tartine. This hearty plate will surely make you full.

le pain grilled chicken and mozarella tartine

5. Avocado toast

Looking for something healthier? Their avocado toast is perfect for you. This beautiful plate of toast and avocado is definitely going to give you the energy you need to start the day.

le pain avocado toast



  • 88 W Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105




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