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D’odici Desserts is a very interesting place here in LA because it serves some of the most heavenly desserts you won’t find anywhere else. Aside from the awesome coffee, its mouthwatering desserts are what keeps people coming back. Here are some of the amazing things you can expect here.

1. Souffle

Choose from the different types of souffle: chocolate, orange, and vanilla.

dodici chocolate souffle

2. Macarons

These round, tiny, colorful confectioneries are sweet and will definitely satisfy any craving you have. Choose from any of these flavors: sea salt caramel, mint chocolate, earl grey, blueberry parfait, raspberry cheesecake, and pomegranate mint kahlua.

dodici macarons

3. Creme brulee

This fruity creme brulee is a good choice for dessert especially for those who are currently watching their food intake. See how generous the serving of strawberries is?

dodici creme brulee

4. Great coffee cup art

One of the things that amazes customers is the wide variety of coffee cup art. Did you know that the people here hand draw each cup? They really are great artists.

dodici cool coffee cups



5. Cozy and cool interior

The cafe and dessert place’s minimal design is nice. It’s clean and light. The choice of furniture and other design items adds to the appeal of the place.

dodici interior



  • 766 E Colorado Blvd, Ste 103 Pasadena, CA 91101


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