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Mr. Coffee is one of the many coffee shops in Wilshire that people can’t get enough of. It’s a very cozy and friendly place that gives customers the right ambiance for enjoying coffee, tea, and their popular dishes. Here are some of the yummy treats you should try here.

1. Shaved ice

Shaved ice is a popular item in most Korean coffee shops. Here at Mr. Coffee, customers rave about the pat bing soo, or shaved ice. You would too if you’re looking at this beauty.

mr coffee shaved ice

2. Crepes

Want to have something fun to start your day with? These are the perfect treats for you.

mr coffee crepes

3. Melona shake

Based on a popular ice cream, the Melona shake is something that will refresh you during those hot afternoons. This is very tasty and flavorful.

mr coffee melona shake

4. Tiramisu

Coffee becomes even better when you have a sweet, delicious slice of tiramisu.

mr coffee tiramisu

5. Really nice interior

To really enjoy your coffee or tea or a bowl of shaved ice, you need to be in a comfy seat and inside a place that has a warm, cozy vibe. Mr. Coffee has that kind of ambiance.

mr coffee interior


  • 537 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020


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