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Nature’s Brew is frequented by students because it’s near the university (USC). The place has a very relaxing vibe, which is ideal for studying.

It helps that the food here is so amazing. There are lots of choices (including healthy and gluten-free options) so it’s not going to be difficult for anyone to kill time here.

1. Smoked salmon omelette

The combination of eggs and various herbs mixed with green onions and cream cheese inside. The salad is fresh and had the right amount of dressing, which is marvelous.

natures brew smoked salmon omelette

2. Breakfast sandwich

Eggs, ham, and bacon never tasted so good especially when put on sourdough and mixed with avocado. Order a cup of coffee and you’re good to go.

natures brew sandwich

3. Iced chai freeze

This is perfect during hot afternoons. And it’s served on mason jar, which looks cool.

natures brew latte freeze

4. Smoothies

What else is there to say about their smoothies? They’re delicious and refreshing. You shouldn’t pass the chance.

natures brew smoothies in mason jar

5. Natural ingredients

The name Nature’s Brew is very fitting because the ingredients are natural and fresh. Everything that comes out of the kitchen is fresh.

natures brew protein salad

6. Great decor

And it’s not just with the food. The cafe’s interior looks very much like a place that is inspired by nature. Lots of natural wood in the design.

natures brew interior

  • 2316 S Union Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007


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