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When it comes to great sandwiches, awesome coffee, and great vibe, Novel Cafe in the Art District is among the first cafes that will pop to mind.  It’s got a quiet and homey ambiance, awesome food, and great selection of coffee and tea. Plus, it has wi-fi and really nice decors.

1. Mouth-watering sandwiches

This breakfast sandwich will do more than satisfy your hunger. It will put you in the right mood. Just take a look at the beautiful combination of potatoes, eggs, lettuce, and orange slices.

novel cafe sunrise sandwich and potatoes

2. Very relaxing vibe

The cafe has a very earthy ambiance that makes enjoying coffee and conversing with friends a lot more enjoyable.

novel cafe interior 2

3. Self-serve coffee

Don’t you think this self-serve coffee encasing is cool?

novel cafe self serve coffee

4. Grilled cheese sandwich

The grilled cheese sandwich is one of the tastiest items in their menu. Make sure that you get the rosemary sourdough bread and then add avocado and tomato.

novel cafe grilled chese sandwich

5. You can get work done easily

Because the coffee house has a very nice atmosphere, it’s conducive for those who need to get work done. Even students can study here. There is enough space upstairs for these things. Of course, don’t forget to bring your cup of coffee.

novel cafe laptop and coffee



  • 811 Traction Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90013




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