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Tom N Toms have several branches in LA. This coffee shop is liked by many because of the vibe it has and, of course, their coffee and food. This is an original specialty coffee brand that enthusiasts will love. And it’s open 24 hours, so you can have your caffeine fix anytime you want.

1. Pizza

It’s quite uncommon for most cafes to serve pizza. Luckily for pizza lovers, Tom N Toms makes a delicious-looking pizza. Grab a bite!

tom n toms pizza

2. Booths

If you came here to study and didn’t want to hear all the chatter, go to one of the booths for total privacy.

tom n toms booths

3. Caramel toast

The caramel toast is so beautiful you may think twice about eating it. This is a really good item to order especially when you want something sweet and heavy for breakfast.

tom n toms toast

4. Pretzel

Pretzels are love. Lucky for us, they make these chewy baked treats here. Pretzels go really well with any cup of coffee.

tom n toms pretzels

5. Iced drinks

Many customers love the iced lattes here. They’re clearly way better than those from Starbucks. And if you don’t want iced coffee, then you can opt for their teas.

tom n toms summer peach tea

6. Plenty of seats

There are enough seats inside so that you can still find space even during peak hours.

tom n toms interior


  • 3974 W Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010


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