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There’s a place in Los Angeles where you can find delicious espresso drinks, freshly baked pastries, sandwiches, and heavenly desserts: Sabor Y Cultura. This Latin-themed cafe will surely make you feel good with its wide array of delicious drinks and treats and the really  nice and cozy feel. Here are some of the things you will enjoy here. Aside from being a great spot for coffee and treats, this is also a venue for those who enjoy open mic nights.

1. Belgian waffles

Probably the first thing you’d want to have in the morning is a hearty serving of sweet, delicious, and syrupy waffles. They have awesome Belgian waffles here.

sabor waffle

2. Breakfast sandwiches

Want egg, ham, and cheese for breakfast? Sabor’s delicious breakfast sandwiches have all three in one delectable plate.

sabor breakfast sandwich


3. Mexican chocolate

Do you love chocolate on cold rainy days? Sabor serves rich chocolate drinks that will keep you warm and happy.

sabor chocolate drinks


4. Healthy salads

Those who are watching their diet will have something nice to eat here. This Asian walnut chicken salad comes in generous servings and, obviously, tastes good.

sabor asian chicken walnut salad


5. Delicious coffee

Of course, you can’t come in here and not try any of their drinks. You will enjoy espressos, lattes, and the tasty Mexican mocha.

sabor drinks



  • 5625 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90028



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