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Scoops isn’t your typical ice cream and coffee shop because it serves unique vegan flavored ice cream. The flavors here are unlike the ones you see in most ice cream shops–wasabi, lavender honey, salted chocolate, and others. In fact, Andrew Zimmerman of Bizarre Foods highly recommend one of the flavors here, the banana-peanut-butter-bacon ice cream.

1. Affogato with brown bread

Ice cream isn’t the only cool treat you can enjoy here. You should also try the affogato with brown bread. This is surely going to make you very, very curious.

scoops affogato

2. Delicious coffee

May seem ironic that this ice cream shop serves hot coffee, but it’s not exactly strange. In fact, you may be thankful that they serve coffee on days when you just want to take a break from all the cool treats.


scoops coffee

3. Free ice cream toppings

Ice cream becomes a lot more fun when you have different and colorful toppings. The great thing here is you can get free toppings!

scoops free toppings

4. Kyoto-style iced coffee

Now this is something that’s very interesting. You should try this iced coffee.

scoops iced coffee

5. Very cute interior

The shop’s interior is very clean and cute. It’s so colorful it perfectly represents the different ice cream flavors that they sell.

scoops interior





  • 3400 Overland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034



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