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Looking for a great place to drink really good coffee and eat huge servings of delicious meals? Nick’s Cafe is that place. What’s even cooler is that this has been around since 1940 and the place still has an old school cafe vibe.

If you want to go back in time and find out what it’s like for our grandparents during their teens, then this is the best place in LA to go. It’s hip and authentic. It’s not pretentious and you can really sense the genuine vibe of being stuck in the early years. The great thing is it managed to retain the quality of service and food.

1. Ham and eggs

If you’re the breakfast-type, then Nick’s will definitely hit a spot. They serve a huge portion–and very delicious–ham and eggs. Pair this with brewed coffee and you’re all set.

nicks cafe ham with egg

2. Free coffee on weekends

Stop by the cafe on weekends and you’ll be treated to free coffee. What’s better than that? It isn’t just coffee. It’s Gavina coffee.

nicks cafe cup of coffee

3. Best eggs benedict in town

Many people love having Eggs Benedict for breakfast. They like the creamy concoction made of muffins, eggs, ham, bacon, and a special sauce. Nick’s serves the best in town.

nicks cafe corned beef hash eggs benedict

4. Great service

Old school cafes are the favorite hangout places for teens because, aside from the food, the staff is pretty much like family. Nick’s can be proud of the fact that they offer excellent service. That’s the reason why these people come back all the time.

nicks cafe customers


5. Really nice old school diner feel

You’ll really feel like being thrown into a time machine and taken back 40 to 50 years back. The wall decor is reminiscent of the era. They even have the typical cafe counter. And an old school Coke chiller.

nicks cafe old coke cooler

nicks cafe wall decor

  • 1300 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012


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