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Who knew coffee can be also be stylish? If you didn’t believe it before, you’ll definitely change your mind once you experience Alfred Coffee on Melrose. This chic and fashionable coffee shop is one really cool cafe. Here, you have a lot of choices–from cold brew to cappuccino. This place serves no nonsense coffee and fresh pastries. You will definitely enjoy it here.

1. Tuna albacore sandwich

This is just one of the many deliciously packed sandwich you can taste here at Alfred Coffee. Made from fresh ingredients, this is sure to keep you satisfied.

alfred albacore tuna sandwich

2. Stumptown cold brew

Many customers are thrilled about cold brews. The good thing about the cold brew served here is it’s Stumptown–one of the best out there.

alfred cold brew

3. Loyalty card

Alfred knows how to make customers happy. They have a loyalty card program that lets patrons enjoy a free cup after several purchases.

alfred loyalty card

4. Fresh pastries

No matter what time of the day, you will so enjoy their fresh pastries. These are perfect with a cup of coffee.

alfred pastries

5. Waffle cone macchiato

It’s really cool to sip macchiato in a cup made from waffle cone. This one is certainly Instagram-worthy.

alfred waffle cone macchiato


  • 8428 Melrose PI, Los Angeles, CA 900069




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