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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you value your first meal of the day, then you have to make sure you eat somewhere nice, like Mama’s Secret. This cute and beautiful breakfast nook in LA serves really delicious Turkish breakfast treats–from croissants to crepes to coffee. If you want something different yet nice, then this is where you’d like to go.

1. Ground meat flat bread

Their flat bread is so delicious and very authentic. It also comes in a cool tray, complete with sides.

mamas secret beef gozleme

2. Egyptian mint tea

Feeling a little exotic? Why don’t you try this mint tea? This is definitely going to make your day.

mamas secret egyptian mint tea

3. Cool interior

Mama’s Secret has a very nice interior that is going to make you feel right at home.

mamas secret interior

4. Croissant

This cafe and restaurant also serves sandwiches that you’re going to enjoy. Try this croissant.

mamas secret turkey and cheese

5. Turkish supreme breakfast

Their authentic breakfast is something that will give you a fun Turkish time.

mamas secret turkish breakfast

6. Turkish coffee

And, of course, you should try their coffee. This is definitely something you must not pass up.

mamas secret turkish coffee



  • 8314 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048



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